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As a influential player in the timeshare game since 1966, Bluegreen Vacation Club manages over forty five resorts today! Bluegreen has paved the way for flexible timeshare vacation ownership companies by offering an option to access amazing resorts with generous floor plans and spectacular amenities. Guests will enjoy resorts across the United States, with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, tennis courts, spas, fitness facilities, and scheduled activities for all ages. Bluegreen Vacation Club owners purchase a number of vacation points that can be redeemed for any resort location, unit size, or time period desired and available. Points are deeded to a specific resort, called the Home Resort, and are considered deeded real estate interest. Each resort, unit size, and season has a pre-determined value, and owners may reserve at their home resort up to twelve months in advance for greater availability.

Bluegreen Vacation Club is affiliated with the exchange company, RCI, and membership is included in the club dues. RCI provides access to over 5,3 00 worldwide resorts. Owners reserve a desirable week using Bluegreen points, and turn these into RCI points by depositing them, then make reservations easily through RCI’s system. Bluegreen also can be exchanged through Interval International.

With over 208,000 owners across the world, Bluegreen Vacation Club offers extraordinary vacation experiences at an affordable price. A flexible points program like Bluegreen is perfect for the modern traveler who doesn’t want to be locked in to a specific resort location or time of year. Click on Ask A Specialist to find out more!